Sensitivity Training
Welcome to My World is a copyrighted workshop that strives to sensitize participants to the constraints of different disabilities by allowing them to experience each disability by simulation, e.g. walking with a blindfold and cane, trying to tie a shoe with one arm in a cast, etc. At the same time the experiences of the workshop are used to help service providers find ways to accommodate persons with disabilities in places of service. With school children the workshop focuses on their discomfort in the presence of disability and their tendency to “not see” the disabled child or adult in their midst.
The workshop may be scheduled through Schott Communities for schools, parishes, agencies, hospitals, or any business that may provide goods or services to disabled persons. Presenters are staff members usually assisted by a person with a disability.

Contact Us
The cost of the workshop depends upon the nature and size of the group. For information call Schott Communities, at 954-434-3306.